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San Juan, PR
As the oldest settlement on the island, Old San Juan, characterized by its narrow, blue cobblestone streets and flat-roofed brick and stone buildings, epitomizes the warmth and charm of Puerto Rican culture.
6,000 Homeless (2006)
16.0% Unemployment rate (2011)
45.4% of the population is below the poverty level (2006)
San Juan Shirts Benefit these excellent organizations
Iglesia Evangelica de Puerto Rico
The United Evangelical Church of Puerto Rico is a community of faith that offers healing and basic services to those experiencing poverty and homelessness.
Calle Arzuaga 10
Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico 00925
(787) 767-7355
San Juan Shirts Are made by these Artists
Samus Amadëo
Samus is a multidisciplinary artist from Puerto Rico whose work is inspired in the absurdness of humanity. Although he was trained in theatrical arts, Samus’ lifetime passion for visual arts lead him to develop skills as a photographer, graphic designer and illustrator. Today, he is the lead designer of his own advertising workshop, Sadzoot Studio.
Jean Paul Miró
Puerto Rico native Jean Paul Miró is an accomplished artist and graphic designer who draws inspiration from the human condition. A strong believer in the idea that everything an individual does affects the world around us, Jean Paul’s creative process is driven shaping society through design.