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St. Louis, MO
St. Louis' status as an independent city transcends the traditional sense of not belonging to any particular county - America's 15th largest metro area boasts its own signature dishes, sandwiches and style of pizza - from the slinger to the St. Paul to the prevalence of Provel cheese. And while their seminal sounds of ragtime, jazz and blues music inspired the name of their hockey team, it's the sea of red at St. Louis Cardinals games that secure the city's annual ranking among the best sports cities.
2,001 Homeless (2011)
8.7% Unemployment rate (2012)
2,628 homeless children living in St. Louis
Shirts Benefit these excellent organizations
The Haven of Grace
Offers a safe, nurturing and educational home for homeless pregnant women and their children, providing nutritious meals and basic needs to support a healthy delivery.
1225 Warren Street
St. Louis, MO 63106
(314) 621-6507
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Andrea Hyon-Taylor
Andrea, a.k.a “Fox,” is a freelance illustrator, designer and performer currently working primarily in the field of children's books. Her personal projects include crocheted pop sculptures such as video game characters Yoshi and Companion Cube, as well as creating her own web comics and graphic novels. Currently, Andrea is working on several pieces based on Korean folktales. In addition to being an artist, Andrea is also an actor and blues singer.